Metallurgical Lab

Metallurgical Laboratory equipment’s using :

Cutoff Machine

Sample Molding machine

Polishing and Lapping

Rockwell hardness Tester

Brinell Hardness Tester

Micro Hardness Tester (Make- MH-series Everone Enterprises Ltd. Load 10gms-1000gms).

Metallurgical Microscope ( up to 1000X magnification)

Data logger system to all furnace for temperature and Milivoltmeter reading

Rockwell Cum super facial Hardness Tester: – Load Ranges 15, 30, 45, 60, 100,150 kg. (2 Nos)

Rockwell Hardness Tester: – having a Rockwell load ranges 60,100,150 kg.

Portable (Re-bond) Hardness Testing Machine
(Dynamic Hardness Tester ( Model : DHT-6 With ā€˜Dā€™ probe))

MPI Machine for Crack detection (Up to 3000 amp)

Automatic punching machine for identification